2000 Rent a Car
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2000 Rent a car

2000 Rent a Car

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Rua Velha da Ajuda 3
Edifício Belo Sol
Tel: +351 +91 +761805
Fax: +351 +91 +763022
Mobile: +351 +936776938
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General Conditions and Prices:
The estimated cost of the car rental agreement and any additional expenses must be before the client uses the car.
Items not included in the price:
Rates do not include Petrol, collision damage waiver (C.D.W.) and personal insurance (P.A.I.). It is always the clients responsibility for the replacement and repair costs regarding flat tyres, puncture repairs as well as any damages to the car caused by improper parking, both in a parking bay or across a pavement that is too high. All traffic fines, offences, infringements, and so on are also the total responsibility of the client. Moreover, any car towing expenses to the car depot and any damaged parts of the car are also payable by the client especially when it can be shown that the client caused the damages by bad utilization of the car.
Important Warning.
The rental ends on the day determined by the client. If an extension is required the client must request the company's authorisation and permission 24 hours in advance of the finishing date of the agreement. The client must then also pay in advance the additional days that is requested. The non payment of the advance would imply that the driver is not driving with insurance and would be driving without the consent of the company which in turn would be grounds for Police action.



Collision Damage Waiver
Car Group Per Day Liability
A, B, C, and D 2 000$00 500 000$00
E 2 500$00 500 000$00

Rates include unlimited Public liability and property damage of the car. When the client accepts the terms, he must leave a 25 000$00 PTE deposit. This is also the limit of the clients liability. In those rare instances when the client refuses the insurance the client is totally responsible for all costs arising - with unlimited liability. The client must still leave an unlimited deposit slip to be used and filled in upon the event when and if any damage occurs.

For more security we also recommend that a personal accident insurance be taken for the small sum of only 500$00 PTE per day.



Extra Hour: Baby Seat: Radio:
For each extra hour the client must pay 20% of the daily rate

300$00 PTE per day

300$00 PTE per day

Delivery and Collection:
Delivery and collection costs are not applicable when this is done at the Hotels in Funchal. However, outside of Funchal an additional area fee of 2 000$00 PTE will be applicable for expenses of delivery and collection
VAT or Sales Tax:

All prices and charges will imply the 12% VAT applicable in Madeira.






The petrol or gasoline costs are always attributed to the client. all expenses in this regard must be paid by the client.



Driver's Age :

Client must not be younger than 21 years of age, and must also have at least 1 years driving experience.




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