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Atlantic Rent a car
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Centro Comercial - Belo sol
Rua Casa Branca
Tel: +351 +91 +761711 / 765208
Fax: +351 +91 +61712
(Please quote "Internet" in all correspondence)

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Collision Damage Waiver
Car Group Per Day Liability
A & B 1 900$00 500 000$00
C & D 2 100$00 500 000$00

The prices include the insurance of civil responsibility. It is however, the clients responsibilty up to the amount of 500 000$00 PTE for any damage to the rented car. of course, this liability is taken care of if the client makes the payment for the additional tax: (as above) the collision damage waiver: it is highly recommended that this insurance be taken up !

Also, please note that in all instances of car damage fees the first 30 000$00 PTE for cars in groups A & B, and the first 50 000$00 PTE for cars in groups C & D, is always payable by the client despite the CDW insurance.

For more security we also recommend that a personal accident insurance be taken for the small sum of only 300$00 PTE per day.



Traffic Fines:

Any and all traffic infringements incurred by the client is the total responsibility of the Client.




The petrol or gasoline costs are always attributed to the client. all expenses in this regard must be paid by the client.



Driver's Age :

Client must not be younger than 23 years of age, and must also have at least 1 years driving experience.




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