The Cathedral is the most impressive of all the religious edifices in Madeira. Constructed at the end of the 15th Century in Gothic-Manueline style, the exterior is simple but imposing. Rough white stucco contrasts with a façade of brownish-red basalt, and the Gothic portal is especially notable for the coat of arms that crowns the pinnacle of the arch. The pyramidal spire of the belfry is roofed with blue and white tiles (“azulejos”) and the rear base of the tower is architecturally very valuable, supported by helicord columns of the red-brown basalt. In the interior, a ceiling in geometric, Hispano-Arabic style of carved cedar inlaid with ivory is outstanding. The paintings on the High Altar are by Portuguese and Flemish artists, and the canonical stalls in the chancel are of exquisitely carved wood.

The Cathedral and the spires that characterise it into its Gothic Romanesque style.

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