It seems that after God created the world, He sat back and admired His handiwork, and having been pleased with what He had done, kissed the world tenderly.
And where He placed the kiss, Madeira was born.

- A Madeiran Fable

We have chosen five out of the many Ecclesiastical structures that abound in the Diocese of Funchal. These are the main focal attractions that feature on the agenda of any ecclesiastical itinerary. But these choices cannot in any way diminish the status of any other church, chapel or convent in Funchal. It acts merely as a starting point for the discovery of century old traditions, culture, and artifact that the keen and pious enthusiast might enjoy.

To remind us of some of those that we have not covered we decided to mention as many of them as we could:

  • Church of Nossa Senhora do Calhau
  • Church of  Santo Pedro
  • the Carmo Church
  • Church of São Tiago or do Socorro
  • The demolished Convento de São Francisco
  • Chapel das Almas
  • Chapel of Boa Nova
  • Chapel of Corp Santo
  • Chapel of São Paulo
  • Church of Bom Jesus
  • Chapel of Nossa Senhora das Angústias
  • Chapel of Nazaré
  • Chapel of Penha de França
  • Chapel of Nossa Senhora das Neves
  • Church of São Martinho
  • Church of Santo António
  • The English Church
  • The German Presbyterian Church alongside the municipal gardens

If there are any details you would like to comment on or add please write us.

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