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Hey Soutie - SEND BILTONG !

What is biltong ?
How to make your own biltong in Madeira.
Where to get biltong driers
Other websites about biltong...
Billies Biltong Maker...

Below we refer to the only biltong maker we could find on the net. Included is the verbatim sales pitch found on the seller's webpage:

Most household biltong makers are made of cardboard box. They get wet when biltong are hanged, and create unhygenic conditions for drying. They also have an electric globe inside the box, which is unsafe to use.

A detail of the biltong maker.
Available at Billies Biltong.

The BILLIES BILTONG MAKER is made of food grade perspex with ventilating holes. It includes a ventilating fan and globe to create the perfect drying conditions. It makes use of convection and air circulation inside the unit. The bottom part of the dryer contains the ventilating fan and globe. Air is heated to +/- 30 degrees Celcius in this bottom part, and then circulated to the rest of the unit. The biltong maker can dry 5 Kg of meat in +/- 3 days. It dries the meat by circulating hot air (+/- 26,5 degrees Celcius) inside the unit. A power cord is supplied, and can be used standard with 220 volt. The panels and lid of the unit is made up of clear perspex, and the biltong can be viewed from the outside during the various stages of drying. The unit is suitable for drying biltong in most places, under most conditions. The unit comes dissasembled with easy to follow instructions, and includes a book on how to make biltong, biltong spices and biltong hooks.