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Hey Soutie - SEND BILTONG !

What is biltong ?
How to make your own biltong in Madeira.
Where to get biltong driers
Other websites about biltong...

What to do...

The only way, we thought, was to get it in those neatly vacuum wrapped packets we could buy from the store shelf in SA.
That meant it could easily be sent mail-order. So, w
e dialled up our ISP and went hunting.

Ordering online ? How did we fare.

We tried (but):
Susmans in the UK have a javascript shopping basket that does not want to play (13 December 1998).
Steerages online shopping basket also has a biltong shop. But it too does not seem to be able to kickstart (13 December 1998).
We even tried a USA site (The South Africa USA Network); that too, became difficult - even before we could get to an order form.
The other sites we found also had sales departments, but in regular static html pages with no online ordering facilites.

It seems the good old fax or telephone will have to do then, for now. But then you might just as well fax or telephone your old pal or even family member in South Africa and have them send it for you, or not ?

"Oh, but, you see, we are so busy moving out of this house to a safer neighberhood, ...and we are this, ...
... and, that this is just a little bit difficult at this very moment
" rechants my sister down the phoneline.

Familair tune, is it not ? By the time I finish all the phonecalls to friends, family, and not too friendly berated colleagues from a distant time at a distant job somewhere, I find the telephone bill summing up to easily equivalent to an order by fax to Harrods in London (and we know how expensive that can be...).

So, still no biltong on its way !

Billies Biltong Maker. This miracle of a machine can dry 5 kgs of Beef in +/- 3 days.

The other alternative was too buy a biltong maker. We found an excellent site that sells these items: Billies Biltong.
But, "jislaaik", the price in SA is $15 US Dollars, and to sent it here would cost $110 US Dollars. (Net 'n klein bietjie duur nê...?).

Thus, that left us with one last chance: write an appeal on the road and hope some good soul passes by and sends biltong.
That is all this article is about..., to find somebody to sent some "lekker droë biltong".

Just put a small message here. Yes, you can do it. Just type your name and email alongside and press the submit button : ))))))
We will buy that biltong...

- Article by Limbo (15 December 1998)