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Carnival 1999 !

Another incredibly successful carnival !
Full credit and great congratulations to the Madeira Tourism Office for this very well organised and planned festival !

Pictures - Carnival 1999.
Pictures from last years carnival.
The theme for 1999.
Send us your carnival pictures !
See More Photo Albums launches a new portal for Portugal:

Thinking of Camping in Madeira in 1999 ? Maybe the Madeira Camping Service can help. Read their camping guide and advice before you arrive.

Features and Events

Machim: The legend of two lovers to Madeira
Two young lovers elope from their disapproving society and leave England for France by boat in the 14th Century. But caught in a storm they are washed ashore on a remote and uninhabited island... And so the legend goes, about the possible first discoverers of Madeira. Read the full story here.

The Euro and Madeira: Some questions answered
Read the article
Euro Rates and more info
What will the Euro coins look like?
What will the Euro bank notes look like?
How you can download the Euro logo


. . . . . . .

Winston Churchill : His last vacation in Madeira before his final premiership in Britain
Churchill spent his last vacation in Madeira just before his final election. Read the story here.
A little known fact is that Winston Churchill wrote one of his first fictional works based on Madeira: "Mr. Keegan's Elopement". Read the electronic version of this jewel.

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Hey Soutie - SEND BILTONG !
With more Madeirans living in South Africa than there is on the island of Madeira itself it is a small wonder why a "stuk biltong" is so hard to find in Madeira...

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Free East Timor
Support the online campaign to free East Timor from the tyranny of the Indonesian Authorities. Read the short message.

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