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Henriques & Henriques
prize-winning Madeira wine with a delicious slice of Madeira Honey Cake.
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Madeiran traditions
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Levada walking in Madeira Madeira was made for walking

The island of Madeira brings together so many elements that help make it the ideal destination for walking holidays. The combination of mild weather, incredible scenery, and the abundant flora that humbles us into submission to Madeira's magnificence. Every flower and colour breathing energy and life. A rejuvenating experience not easily forgotten by anyone who has enjoyed the excitement of Levada walking.

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The Laurissilva - a UNESCO World Heritage Site soon?
Have you seen it ? Spot a very rare bird on your walks.
Landscapes of Madeira More info on Madeira's nature reserve
Accommodation ideal for walking
Madeira camping
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Buy the Book ! Landscapes of Madeira.
   "The best-selling guide to Levada walks."

The Levada Special is sponsored by Turivema - the leading quality Levada and mountain walks guide and hosts on Madeira.

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Madeira Shopping: NOW OPEN!
Madeira Shopping - the online power shopping experience for Madeira enthusiasts. Madeira wine, books, maps, biscuits, videos, and much more. Customers even get a free map with any purchase made on the website. Prepare for Christmas and don't forget the 100 year Madeira wine to celebrate the millennium. VISA and MasterCard accepted. More info.

Museums of Madeira: a guide
Madeira has been a conduit of events and persons that helped shape the world. Christopher Columbus, Churchill , the sugar trade, the slave trade, even
the diaspora of Madeiran immigrants that have carved niches of influence the world over. The museums of Madeira have been addressing elements of this rich heritage. We present an abbreviated guide to the best of them. More info .

FREE Madeira Maps® !
It is essential to travel around Madeira with a good map. Madeira Maps® has achieved an excellent standard of quality, accuracy and simplicity with their free city maps of Funchal and Caniço, and their Leading Restaurants Map® selections. Available in many hotels, restaurants and shopping areas - including More info .

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Don't want to walk?
Then "Joyride" across Madeira!
For travellers who hate to tromp. But still want
to feel the fresh Madeira air in their hair, and the warm sunlight on their face. Hiring a nifty scooter or motorbike from the friendliest family run motorbike and scooter hire company in Madeira is the solution: Joyride! - More Info .

Emergency medical aid for your holiday.
S.M.M. is the top professional emergency medical attention service in Madeira. They provide emergency medical assistance with a force of medical doctors and a rapid respose team. For about only Euros 25.00 a week you can avoid the expensive doctor bills you might have to pay on an unfortunate accident on your holiday. More info .

Quality Madeira Wine: applauds the remarkable success of Henriques & Henriques who have won (again) the Madeira Wine Trophy for its remarkable 15 year old Malvasia at the International Wine Challenge contest held in the UK. More info .

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Martin wants to know what an 11 year old can do on holiday, and Anabela wants to know where she can eat well on a budget of Esc. 1500$00. Just a few examples of questions placed on our popular message boards where users exchange information that are read by thousands of visitors. More info .

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