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Henriques & Henriques

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Prize winning Madeira Wine from Henriques & Henriques

" ... attention to detail has certainly paid off, as H&H triumphed again at the International Wine Challenge. The third Madeira Trophy in four years was achieved, as well as gold for 15-year-old Verdelho, and 10-year-olds..."
- Harpers magazine (1 October 1999)

The winning of the Madeira Wine Trophy at the prestigious International Wine Challenge held every year in London, UK, did not go unnoticed by many wine observers and Madeira enthusiasts.

The H&H Store at their winery facility in Câmara de Lobos

The contest is probably the most important for Madeira wines and is a good measure to finding out which of the younger Madeira wines are best to buy now. Henriques & Henriques won hands down in a blind-folded wine tasting session. Their remarkable 15-year-old Malvasia came out tops as the winner of the important prize. The same bottle of wine was also awarded a gold medal by the same panel of judges, along with two other Henriques & Henriques wines.

John Cossart, one of the directors of Henriques & Henriques, comments that his company owes its success to several factors: ensuring the use of grapes of the highest quality, tight control of the raw material as it goes through the production process, their remarkable state-of-the-art vinification plant, and stout disciplined use of the "estufa" method of wine production.

A typical levada
The view over Câmara de Lobos - the Henriques & Henriques base - where some of the first Madeira vines were planted on the sub-tropical island.

As John Cossart explains: "We heat our wines at 45ºC for three months, and if done gently and correctly, this will produce wines of quality. It is concentration that gives complexity, and this is achieved by a series of natural processes. With controlled steam heat (stainless-steel jackets over stainless-steel vats) you can avoid the all too typical Madeira 'burnt' flavours."

"Madeira Should be fresh, like any other wine", underlines John Cossart.
This is evidenced immediately upon tasting the 10-year-old Sercial (Gold Medal at the International Wine Challenge), or the 15-year-old Verdelho.

Following is a list of the H&H wines that enjoyed prizes at the International Wine Challenge (1999):

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