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The Levadas of Madeira and Walking.

A Levada near Porto MonizOne of the defining holiday activities of Madeira is Levada walking . For most visitors to the subtropical island Levadas do not need any introduction. For many, however, it is an exciting new experience that adds an unusual twist to the common fare available at many other holiday destinations.

The Levadas are public property and can be enjoyed by most people as a course to walk along by. More importantly, the Levadas are the systems of irrigation and supplies of potable water to most of the island.

A typical levada
A Typical Levada.
Photo courtesy of Turivema

Their protection and status cannot be diminished. It is incumbent on the visitor to protect and not disturb the sensitive "lifeblood" of Madeira: to recognise the waterways as part of Madeira's agricultural infrastructure, as part of its utility as a water supply, and as part of the Madeiran tourism economy. Along with these important reminders the local government has made attempts to qualify the status of the Levadas internationally as a world wide heritage asset - a programme sponsored by the United Nations. has collected several articles and links to other sites to help elaborate the rich experience and importance of Madeira Levadas and Levada Walking.

A list is included below:

Dreamy Winding Paths on an Enchanting Island Article: A closer look at the origins and position of the Levadas today. [More Info]

More Watery Thoughts - Article: How much water is there in the Levadas? How far do the waterways stretch? What else do we need to know about Levada Walking? [More Info]

Turivema - A dedicated walking host for your holiday - Visit this STUNNING website for a magical "carpet- ride view" of Levada walking on Madeira. This site has hundreds of photographs of the Levadas sent to them by their guests! [More Info]

Jon Digranes Photo Collection - Jon has visited Madeira multiple times. His awesome collection of photographs captures essentially the beauty and spirit of Levada walking. [More Info]

Books on Levada Walking - Visit Madeira Shopping to find books and picture CD-ROM's on Madeira Levada walking. Other books and items are also available for purchase. [More Info]


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