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Hello, my name is...

A look at some free personal homepages hosted on


After several months of offering free personal homepages on we went to look at some of the many sites that were setup. We found many different business related sites - a surprise considering that we made it explicit that we intended the free homepages for personal or non-profit use.

The best web sites and homepages were still the personal and private pages. We include several examples of what some of our users or community members have done with their web sites. We cannot guarantee that what we say is there will be there now. Since publishing this article the creators of the websites may have changed drastically their websites, or in some cases, even deleted them. So expect one or two things to be different.

We have included examples that include the following types:

  • A personal art exhibition,
  • A curriculum vitae online,
  • A personal homepage,
  • A "team of friends" homepage, and
  • A mysterious site...
Some example sites are included below:

Carla Perreira's Atelier
Carla Perreira's homepage. Carla is a visual and technology teacher in Madeira.
Her site exhibits a spectacular collection of paintings she has created.
[More Info]

Ricardo de Sousa C.V.
A very good idea, and a very innovative way to provide prospective employers a medium for choosing an excellent fully qualified pastry chef. [More Info]

Rui de Freitas C.V.
Another good example of an online curriculum vitae
[More Info]

The homepage to a Golden Retriever. Resident in Sweden!
[More Info]

The Phantom Realm
Enter the realm of 3 friends. A top 10 list of links and other features make this a peculiarly interesting site to visit.
[More Info]

Turma 12º 4
The class of 1999 - a group of friends share their ideas on their last year at school
[More Info]

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