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New Portal for Portugal.

At the moment most of the portals for Portuguese websites are exclusively Portuguese. Examples include : Sapo - http://www.sapo.pt, AEIOU - http://www.aeiou.pt, amongst others. In light of that issue the madeira-island.com team went ahead and established obrigado.com as a search engine and portal for those Portuguese websites in and of or pertaining to Portugal that have an English version.

Using the astrolobe (an early navigation instrument brought into popular use by Henry the Navigator), a symbol of navigation in Portugal, the name of the site was chosen as Obrigado.com. Since "obrigado" is nearly always one of the first words to learn in Portuguese it was an easy choice to select that word as a name for the site.

This way, the nearly 95% majority of internet users that can speak english do not need to use universal translating software or other utilities, like Babelfish (http://babelfish.altavista.com), for example, to have exclusively Portuguese websites translated.

Have a look or add a link that you have found or a site that you maintain on this Portal.