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Winston Churchill in Madeira

Churchill occupied his time admiring the beautiful landscapes of Madeira. He was impressed with Cam�ra de Lobos, where he painted various pictorial images of the village. He also painted the refulgent valley of Ribeira da Metade in Ribeiro Frio - the location of the hatchery where trout are bred alll year round still today.

Churchill adored the country-side, he spent as much of his time as possible close to nature. His endearment of the outdoors was illustrated by his purchase of Chartwell Farm and Parkside farm in England. In Madeira he would be spoilt by the fresh air, the frustic charm of the populace, and thesub tropical winter blossoming of flowers �

The renowned photograph of Sir Winston Churchill painting in Cam�ra de Lobos depicts a distinguished and compelling world leader wrapped in the bow of a simplistic fishing village. A contrast to the complex racqueteering of the House of Commons. Cam�ra de Lobos is to this day still visibly impressed with the stature of this English Aristocrat - bars in the area carry his photographs, the location of his painting belvedere is commonly referred to as Churchill's Panorama, some establishments even include Churchill in the title of their name.


Quotes and excerpts from Churchill:

Lady Astor: "Winston if I were married to you, I´d put poison in your coffee."
Churchill: "Nancy, if you were my wife, I'd drink it."