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Churchill returns to England to become Prime Minister again.

Churchill's visit to Madeira in 1950 was cut short by the earlier than expected call to elections in Britain. The early general election announced by the then Prime Minister, Mr. Atlee, forced Curchill to leave Madeira on the 12th of January 1950.

His wife, Clementine, remained in Madeira for a longer while. Churchill telegraphed Clementine on several occasions to make sure that she was enjoying the rest of her holiday. Nevertheless, Clementine left Madeira on the 19th of January to support her dear Winston in the upcoming elections. The elections that would lead to his second and last premiership.

Perhaps, that brief interlude, the short interval to reminisce, to paint, and recover strengths, helped Sir Winston Churchill reenvigorate himself one last time for his final vaunt in the fierce world of British politics. His recovery and resultant victory in the 1951 elections gave a whole new perspective to the class of tourists one could expect in Madeira from thereon. The british consolidated fast their position as the principal foreign visitor market to Madeira for decades to come, and along with the nuances and character so typically English helped intertwine successfully culture, traits, and "business as usual" approach (Churchill, Speech at Guildhall, Nov. 9, 1914) to affairs into the patchwork of the history of the Island of Madeira. An evident influence as apparent as any other, even from Portugal. Churchill´s aura or presence persists, in Câmara de Lobos, at the Reids Hotel, but mostly through the generations of britons today who continously flock to the island in the finest british tradition.