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Free East Timor Online Camapaign

While many of us count our blessings, and do not want to take our precious freedoms and liberty for granted, we sometimes forget that there is still mass injustice being performed every day to distant friends and peoples far way. We want to remember 12 November. The day in 1991 when the Indonesian army slaughtered 250 innocent East Timorese.

In East Timor, a former Portuguese colony annexed by Indonesia, more than 250 000 people have fallen to their graves at the hand of the Indonesian occupation.

Please support those activists who pursue the abandonment of the Indonesian authority in East Timor - and the institution of a free will to self-determination or democratic elections.

To this end we ask our users to visit or become conscious of the following sites or movements:

Free East Timor Online Campaign

Don't buy Indonesian When you buy products with the seal Made in Indonesia, you are supporting a criminal regime that, over the last 21 years, murdered more than 250.000 people, in East Timor.

The Loro Sae homepage

Xanana Gusmão:
The Imprisoned leader of the freedom cause in East Timor

Other links of interest:
  • History, Geography and Culture
    General information
  • Documents and Law Issues
    Documents regarding law issues, political parties and more in-depth information
  • Human Rights
    Organizations and reports focused on Human Rights in East Timor and Indonesia
  • Activism
    See what other people do for the East Timorese cause and what you can do
  • Publications
    Publications and articles about East Timor
  • Indonesian role
    Indonesia's view of the problem
  • News
    Up-to-date news
  • Mailing Lists
    Receive daily updated news on your email box or view them on these sites
  • Newsgroups
    Get on the Usenet, read other people's views and post your opinion
  • Web Searchers
    Do a search on the Net using these searchers, some also have a section dedicated to East Timor