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Carnival celebrates 21st anniversary

  Carnival 1999 - A trio near the end of a long tiring march down the avenidas of Funchal


Moreover, the carnival celebrates its 21st anniversary as an event in Madeira. The maturing and adulthood of the carnival parades has led to a more sober and calculated organization by the local authorities this year.

Amongst several measures taken the organizers have informed the regular troupes that the standards and quality of performance, dress, and dance this year will be maintained as high, if not higher, as before. Each troupe will not be allowed to exceed 200 - 250 members: a more stringent measure of control than before - meant to immediately elevate the best Madeira has to offer in dancing and costumes forward, and to allow more room to breathe for the dedicated troupe members, dress designers and choreographers.

The Samba schools and troupes will find that previous resources spread amongst many will now be allocated on a merit or quality basis to the few - especially those who have excelled before.

These measures have raised the level of expectations of the local and tourist spectators. We should expect something absolutely marvelous to watch this year! The samba can be felt almost twitching away this far ahead of the carnival (February 07th, as we write...).

  Bring your costumes along!  

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