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Last year the Carnival had as its theme "a retrospective look at the 20th Century". This year the organizers have reversed the theme to that of the "millennium fantasies: a look towards to the future".

Carnival 1998 was extremely popular - especially the Barbie Dolls troupe...
Each troupe is followed by a band marching to the samba beat.  

As expected many troupes will participate this year in the very popular carnival parades. It has been reported that at least eight "Escolas de Samba" or samba troupes have presented their petition to participate to the regional secretary of tourism - the responsible agency for the organization of the carnival festivities.

The festivities are serious business. Many troupes have been preparing Months, many since November, for the parade and spectacle on the 4th of March. The funding for the event is mostly sponsored by the regional government through its agencies of tourism and planning and local coordination departments.


  Carnival celebrates 21st anniversary  

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