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Madeira Island
Carnival 1998

A photo collection in 4 parts
and a description of the Carnival event and its organisation.


The Route:

The Carnival troupes start from the corner off the Avenida Luís Camões and Avenida do Infante - just off the Hotel Savoy. The course will then contine down the Avenida do Infante in an easterly direction and past the roundabout into the Avenida Arriaga. After the course has approached the Cathedral in the centre the course turns around and reverses into Avenida Arriaga again to turn immediately right into the Avenida Zarco. At the top of Avenida Zarco it turns right again until it reaches the main destination point - the "Largo do Colégio", in front of the University of Madeira, City Hall and the Jesuit College Church.

Tips - The Best Viewpoints:

Book a place on the balcony of the Golden Gate Restaurant ! This has a wonderful view and overlooks the course from the first floor of the building on the corner of the Avenida Arriaga and the Avenida Zarco. Moreover, you see the course twice ! Once going in to the Cathedral, and a second time when it returns to turn right into the Avenida Zarco.

Other good spots:

  • Galerias São Lourenço
  • Teatro municipal Baltazar Dias
  • The ledge off the Centro Comercial Infante
  • The Roundabout just off the Centro Comercial Infante
  • If you are lucky you will be able to buy tickets for special seats that are put up for distinguished guest but also available for customers.