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Madeira Island
Carnival 1998

A photo collection in 4 parts
and a description of the Carnival event and its organisation.


Do you want to share with us your holiday snaps of the Carnival ?We would love to see them. If you have the time and disposition we would gladly accept copies of your holiday snaps, and descriptions. We will publish them on and build an archive of "madeira-o-philes" and their pictures. If you have them already scanned and digitalised, even better ! Please email them to, or even snail-mail them to the following address:

Carnival Snaps
c/o Limbo
Caminho do Palheiro 172-B

Alternatively, why don't you use the free webspace on our site to create and upload your own pictures and designs. It is as easy as 1-2-3. Click here...