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Madeira Island
Carnival 1998

A photo collection in 4 parts
and a description of the Carnival event and its organisation.


The main procession is composed of 6 troupes. These are groups or associations of Samba dance clubs or afficionados. They are responsible for the design, themes, and choreography of their troupes in their participation in the annual event. Under the guidance of the Secretary of Tourism Office these troupes are funded to the tune of approximately 6 500 000$00 Escudos each to develop their tasteful, colourful, and imaginative motifs.

The troupes are listed as the following. This is not necessarily the order of procession. This may change from year to year depending on the logistics and organisation of each group.

  1. Escola de Samba Caneca Furada
  2. Veteranos da Folia
  3. Sonho de um Dia
  4. Turma do Funil ( with its most well known member - Alberto João Jardim, the regional governor of the Island.)
  5. Associação Geringonça
  6. Escola de Samba Os Cariocas