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A new golf club is apparently being built in Ponta do Pargo. I would like to know the details of this as my family owns land in that area nad we have not been informed of anything.




  • Hi Zita

    There is talk that a golf course will be built in Ponta Do Pargo. My family also owns land in the affected area that is currently being measured. Do you know whether the land owners can refuse to sell the land? I can understand the government wanting to buy the land for essential purposes (eg road, hospital) but not for a golf course!

    If you have any info regarding the proposed golf course I would appreciate if you would share the information with me.


  • Zita, do you have any info regarding the proposed golf course in Ponta do Pargo?

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  • From what I understand there is a proposal to build a golf course on the land behind the lighthouse at Ponta do Pargo. I think between the lighthouse and the partly built hotel further up the road (which is opposit a small hotel/restaurant).

    This replaces the proposal to build a golf course at Prazeres. Again the 'rumour' I heard was that much of the land at Prazeres was bought speculatively before that golf course was announced and the prices subsequently sought by the new owners was too much.

    Not sure if the above helps.

  • WOW!

    I was trying to find out about exactly this, as my father and his family own tracts of land there as well, and they are having issues with regards to selling this.

    Can anyone tell me what is happening with this golf estate/Ponte de Pargo issue??
  • Hi Zita,

    I have also heard that they are building a 18 hole golf course endorsed by Nick Faldo in Ponta Do Pargo behind the lighthouse.

    I have also "heard" that there are a few people that have refused to sell their property. It is supposed to be finally built in by Summer 2008.

    A lot of people are unhappy about it so i have "heard" because they are not being paid what their land is worth apparently.

    Hope this helps
  • Is there any further news on this land issue?
    Is there a website or some information online somewhere about this??
  • I was there at the end of July 2011. Some of the old roads are no longer accessible and the rough grading for the golf course has begun. Anyone like myself that plays a lot of golf would only play this new course once... and that would be a mistake. It has to be one of the dumbest places to build a golf course. The view from some of the holes might be wonderful but the wind will make some holes almost unplayable. Ask anyone who has been to the farol area (lighthouse) more than once and they will agree. Also if you stay at the new course hotel you will find that it's a long way to any restaurants. Remember it's at the opposite end of the island from Funchal so I don't see too many people making the drive.
  • I do agree, not in place to play golf. And the madeira natural beauty be spoyled.
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