Feast of the Blessed Sacrament

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Hello Madeira,

Just wanted to let you know that the Madeiran community of Massachusetts,U.S.A.,will be celebrating one of the largest Madeiran festas outside of Madeira island itself.It is held every first weekend in August in New Bedford,MA.This coming weekend is the feast-good food,good music & dancing as well as "great" vino directly shipped from Madeira in casks to the festival committee.
The festa began with a group of brothers whom had emigrated to America,.and upon settling in the New Bedford area wanted to give something back to the Madeiran-Portuguese community here and also have a festa to not only celebrate their new home here but remember the island,family & friends left behind on Madeira.
Also a holy mass & possession is held to commence the festa to give thanks to God for all their good fortune! Should be a good time. If anyone needs mofe info on this feast or directions to the feast grounds let me know!
Adeus, Jose Gonsalves


  • Hi Jose

    I'm Mariana from South Africa, but am currently temping in the UK. I was surprised when I asked my English friend for websites to find work in Madeira and she included Madeira in MA. I thought it was a mistake a couldn't believe theire was another Madeira, but here you've just confirmed it exists. Hope your festival was a great success and that you're looking forward to next year's event. I have family in San Diego, CA - don't know if the people in the west know of the Madeiran festa in MA. We, Portuguese, know how to enjoy ourselves.

    Keep well

    Ciao, Mariana
  • hello ,Jose Gonsalves, i just read you'r letter about the Madeira feast in MASS.. well, i just wanted to let you and the rest of the world to know, that i am on the feast committtie and club committie...It was a wonderfull time this year ,just like all the other years. i was happy to open this page and see an, article about (THE FEAST OF THE BLESSED SACRAMETO, IN THE CITY OF NEW BEDFOR MASSACHUSSETTS, IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA)THANKS AGAIN VICTOR
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