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Hello, I'm looking for tradtional folk groups from the island of Madeira. Can some one e-mail me an address or a web site as I would like to invite the group to take part in a Folk Festival on the island of Gozo.
Thank you


  • You can find a whole list of Portuguese folk groups with websites (also in other countries) at
    As far as I saw the ones from Madeira are in Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz and Camacha).
    The group from Camacha is known to travel abroad to festivals, but possibly there are more.

    In France there is one at
    (email )
  • Folk groups ON Madeira with a website that works are hard to find, the only one seems to be and they just performed in London.
  • Having seen the Encontros da Eira website I just mentioned it seems it is a music group, but not folk dancing.
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