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We (that is my wife and two good friends) are going to visit Funchal during the next new years eve. Could anyone give me a recommendation of a really good restaurant with (if I´m lucky) a nice view over Funchal by night (and of course all the fireworks)?


  • I think it's best to chose any good restaurant for dinner but not watch the fireworks from there. It doesn't get cold at night and it's much nicer to watch it from very near, best is at the marina where I sat on a sort of pier once, having the best possible view.
    Depends on where your hotel is, of course.
    Some hotels have a nice view over Funchal, but then you won't be very close and it really is the most spectacular to get very close, even when you won't see all the different sites in one glance, but you can always buy a video the next few days where you'd see it all. They are very quick in producing a video of the fireworks.
  • Thank You, Ton, for your reply, and we will follow your advice about seperate our watching of the fireworks from our dinner. You didn´t mention any specific restaurants. Is it possible to have some recommendations from you?

    Hope for your reply
    Christer (from Sweden)
  • My recommendations are:
    Quinta Palmeira, Casa Madeirense and all restaurants near the Savoy Hotel.
    The first one is considered to be the top (apart from some in 5-star hotels, who will all have a special dinner for hotel guests only).

  • More correctly it is called Quinta da Palmeira (Av. Infante), as to not confuse it with the garden by the same name.
  • Ton,

    sorry, but I am going to have to disagree with you over this one. Why, well Newtons law of Gravity, for those not in the know it works along the lines of "what goes up must come down". If you are very close to where they let the fireworks off you are going to be covered in soot and ash, and will not be able to see much because of the smoke. This year they let of in the region of 30 tonnes of fireworks, there were containers along the front, plus around 30 sites further up the hill, we saw some at the botanical gardens, friends of ours watched them from near the Porto Santa Maria Hotel were deafened by the noise. We watched from The Hotel Monte Carlo, had a brilliant view and the noise was tremendous and we can't wait to see it again.
    Perhaps one of the best views which included a restaurant was O Mole (I think) it is opposite where you would get the ferry to Porto Santo, you get a lift up to it and the view back across Funchal is really something.
    Everyone will have differing views on where is best to see the fireworks from, and perhaps you need to see them several times to form an unbiased opinion, but at the end of the day, you just have to be there...........

  • Hi, Ros,

    Could well be that there are other great places to watch than the marina, but I wasn't getting covered in any ash when sitting there 3 years ago. I filmed it all on video (near all the small boats that had gathered in the marina to see it from there) and can't imagine having seen it better from anywhere else, except a cruise ship.
    Indeed most of those rockets seemed to come from near the Porto Santa Maria hotel, surely none were fired from very near the marina.
    Probably a higher position than the marina will give a nicer overall view, so good to know where you watched it. Will also do that there then next time. Thanks,

  • I'm from Funchal, so let me tell you what the locals do: they climb. The only Madeiran people you will find downtown Funchal are the ones who don't live there and have came to see the fireworks from their homes in Porto Moniz or wherever. We go to friends'houses which are up on the hills,for the best possible views and to avoid the crowds, the noise and the smoke. My advise would be to book a room in a hotel with a great view and a great restaurant: Quinta Bela Vista would be my top choice.
  • Hello Alexa,

    Thank you for giving us some information about New Years Eve in Funchal. We will probably been staying in some hotel around the Lido (depends on our travel agency), so our chance is to find a restaurant with the view of Quinta Bela Vista. Do you have any suggestions? What I learn from you, the best thing is to visit some friends with a "perfect living" for the fireworks, but as far as I know none of my friends or relatives have been planning so good that they have bought an apartment or house in Funchal. So I will try the next best solotion, that is to rely on your recommendation about a restaurant with good food and a good view over the fireworks.

    Thank you very much in advance.

    Best regards,
    Christer (from Sweden)
  • Hi Christer,
    You don't have to stay at Quinta Bela Vista to be able to have New Year's Eve dinner there. They'll probably will not have their program out (they never do until about 3 weeks prior), but you can try to at least make a tentative reservation. They have one of the best restaurants in town, but it's not very big at all! The views are spectacular. Otherwise, right in town and with good views you have Club Avenida (with a very lively bar downstairs and another - Do Fa Sol - just a few yeards away - good for celebrations!!!); the Beerhouse is just across the street, overlooking the marina and the harbor - same situation with bars for afterwards partying. If I think of any others I'll post them here for other peoples'reference as well. These you don't have to worry so far ahead; once you know at which hotel you'll be staying at, email the reception desk and ask them to book you a table - a month in advance would be plenty.
  • HI Christer

    I am Susana and I would like to say that to see the fireworks in funchal is to be out of Funchal believe me its a very big thing, I don't know if you already visit Madeira but if not there's a Restaurant called "A Montanha" it is situated at the east of Funchal on old road to Santa Cruz, the name of the area is St Goncalo, exackly (near to pinaculo) believe me from this restaurant you will be able to see all funchal and all fireworks, also the cruise ships eluminated and all lights from funchal from norte to south, its amazing place to be, I think you will have to book a taxi, not shore how it works and probably book in advance but will be an experience to remember for the rest of your life, if you can't make an table at the restaurant, try having diner somewhere else and by 10.30pm try to go to the area of Boa Nova or st Goncalo, and you will find yourself with another hundreds of people to see this beautiful event.

    Good luck
  • Hi Susana,

    Thank you for your recommendations. We will arrive in Madeira on Dec 29, and will make a quick orientation about the places you recommend. Yes, we have been to Madeira a couple of years ago, but I cannot remember that we have been visiting these places. Thank you for your advice.

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