Moving to Madeira

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Hi Everyone!

Wonder if you could help. My partner and I are very keen to re-locate to Madeira, probably within about 30 minute drive from Funchal. Not sure where to start with all the 'red tape' etc, and also property finding. We are coming out for a week in February (from the UK)so have given ourselves plenty of time to do any research that may be needed.

Hope someone is able to help with advice via e-mail, and possibly to meet up for a chat and some more friendly pointers when we come over.

Many thanks



  • You will need plenty of patience and time to deal with the "BURROcratas" in any Portuguese government institution.
    What you think might take you a week to achieve in the UK will take you much longer in Portugal.

    BOA SORTE, "good luck"!
  • my wife and i have recently fell in love with madeira and i wander how you are getting on and what problems you may have experienced ?
  • we are moving to Maderia in June, will keep you posted!!
  • We have a lot of burocracy, that's sure. Tehre are many Real Estate agencies though.
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