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I work for a leading Travel Agents in London and have been invited over to the island to visit and inspect three major hotels in Funchal and explore the surrounding area for clients back in th UK. In the evenings I shall hopefully have some free time and wondered if there any gay guys out there who would fancy meeting up for a drink and can describe the Island from a locals point of view.


  • You lucky thing....Madeira is gorgeous... I wish I could come with you....

  • Thanks for your message.
    I have never been there before, so I am looking forward to exploring the island's hidden delights !!!

    I am spending a week on the island and shall be staying in the Hotel Reids Palace. Looking on the internet, the mountains look amazing. Judging by the bars , the island seems to be shaking off its image for just older tourists, especially as the climate seems ok all year round. It is a shame there are no gay bars, I suppose the locals prefer it that way its not always a bad thing. So fingers crossed ! Hope the weather will be kind to me.

  • Just go there and be "gay". You'll realise why you don't need dedicated gay bars... If you're nice at least half the island's boys will fall for you.
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