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Anyone craving for English products like Heinz sauces, Mr Kipling, English sausages, packet sauce and much more should pay a visit to the new English products mini market below the Alto Lid, called Goodies. There is also a 'wanted list' for products not already in stock


  • Is it true that fresh or pasturized milk is unobtainable on Madeira? If this is the case, what is used?
  • I dont know what kind of milk it is but there is milk in the shops...I think you can manage with that for week or two, it is that kind that unopened you can storage it in rooms temperature...litle bit sweeter that ordinary milk but as useable though. When i first visited madeira there was no milk availlable or it was very difficult to dget but now a days you can get if from every shop. i doont drink milk but this for information to milkdrinkers
  • It's UHT milk.
  • MILK well milk in the UK hummm yummy creamy, it's real milk, in the mainland you can get some real milk, here well here you get milk but I don't like it as much.

    That's fat, low fat and skinny and the fat here well when I was in the UK the low fat milk was fatter then our fat milk lol. Supossedly you can get real milk here, they deliver it but I don't know how, don't have their contacts :'( but heard it's true, lol would be a wierd thing to go around as a myth, that we actually have REAL milk lol.

    Goodies shop, hummm I love my Aero mint, but everytime I went they didn't have anymore or were waiting for the new stock :'(

    But I do miss that nice creamy milk apposed to this milk. I'd avoid stralitcia milk, it's the one I really find horrible, then again you might like it, tastes aren't all the same.

    Just one opinion in a sea of thoughts.
  • while obviously "GOODIES" are more expensive because of getting it to here.

    you can also get quite a few "english" products in the local supermecados
  • Goodies is closed since 2012
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