Safe alone?

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Is Madeira safe to walk alone? If not why not, also anyone have any favourite walks they want to share?


  • thanks tom. You seem to have a bit of experience on madeira so I'd like to ask what do you do for accommodation? I'm planning on camping, but the sites are few, any advise?
    thanks again
  • I forgot to ask, the weather in December, I've looked at the climate charts, but friends have told me stories such as 'windswept place, shrouded in mist', again what do you think?
  • I go in December and January. It will probably be wet at times but warm and excellent for walking. The climate changes with altitude and the direction of the wind more than the season. Take a kagool and shorts. I have no idea about camping I am afraid
    Cheers Tom
  • I would feel safe from humans anywhere at anytime in Madeira even were I female - that may not be 100% true but all is relative and it seems a reasonable assertion in comparison to home.
    Walking in the mountains and along the levadas is as safe as you choose it to be.
    Many people are entirely thrilled and happy to walk gentle and or safe levadas. You can easily find out beforehand which are which of course.
    As you wished to ask the question don't come out for a walk with me but otherwise don't worry
    Cheers Tom
  • We are going on our first trip to Maderia. We would like to know where to start gentle levada walking. We are staying in Funchal. Should we hire a car? Should we use local public transport? can we go from funchal without transport or should we pay that bit more and join a guided walk?
  • Forget about hiring a car if you are staying in Funchal. It will be too awkward to find it again from the other end of the levada, and the driving too nervewrecking. BUY THE BOOK !!! I think that it is advertised elsewhere on this site. Pat Underwoods book tells you about the wonderful buses, the walks, the everything that will be vital for the first few times that you go to Madeira. The guided walks seem to lose the thread a bit to me, but if you are needing them then why not.
    Prooobably a good first walk is to go above the stadium in Funchal ( above Reids) and go West for as far as you care to. Easy to start with, varied and close, before introducing you to more interesting valleys, but always easily exitable.
    Cheers Tom
  • Hi Tom i just like to tell you how nise you are by giving beatiful information about the beatiful Island.Thank you.
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