walkies in the mountains

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Interesting walking last week between Pico Ruivo and Pico Arriera. 2" of hail drifting into 60 cm drifts lead to a shortage of tourists as neither coaches nor taxis could get up the hills. Walking unprotected 60cm wide ledges with enormous vertical drops focuses your mind - especially when the 45 degree hail drifts completely cover your path at that point. Is it an ancient Madeiran tradition the way that most cars had a snowman either on the bonnet or roof?
Cheers Tom


  • Hi Tom We're thinking of a walking/climbing holiday in Madeira early December.Have you any info on(a) weather - is it generally warm in December?(b) Rock climbing - do you know if there are any bolted routes etc. on the island?Thanks for any info you can give.Bye for now
  • You'll find that Madeira is not a very ideal place for normal mountain biking, the terrain being quite steep.
    Mostly you'll have to stick to normal roads of various sorts.
    Some levadas will be suited but not many.

    You can get more information through
    www.madeira-camping.com , www.madeiraguide.com
    and you could ask a bike-shop.
    I think there's one in the telephone book, at www.118.pt (MZ Bike).

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