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Is there any keen walker who is coming to stay at Madeira between 4th and 18th December this year and would like to do some walking with me.
I've been many times at Madeira before and have done some walking too but this time I'm travelling alone so it would be nice to get some company for walking because it's both safer and nicer to walk together.
I know the possibilities for guided walks too but it is nice to do some walks without the group.
Your age, nationality or if you are a man or a woman doesn't make the sense just you enjoy walking in the beautiful landscapes of Madeira.
Send me a e-mail or answer here if you are interested, please.


  • Just like you I also like to find other keen walkers. I have been hiking on Madeira for 8 times and know quite a bit and will go now early January 2002.
    Also just emailing with other hiking-fans would be nice.

  • How was your hiking in Madeira?? Will be going in April , could you give us any suggestions or trail information.
    Thank you.
  • My suggestion is to get yourself on Madeira or at home a copy of www.sunflowerbooks.co.uk/madeira.htm
    and also the best map available, that of Discovery Walking Guides, 1:40.000, although the book alone will also get you easily wherever you want. It has bustimetables, maps, good directions. Pick up a new timetable at Turismo, Avenida Arriaga, as there are changes compared to the Sunflower book.

    My favourite walks from the book are
    13, 14, 19,20, 24b/23/28 as a combination,
    32, 33, 37, 42 in reverse direction starting at the signs Fonte do Bispo and Galhano on the high plateau of Paul da Serra.

    Most walks in that book can be made from Funchal, although sometimes you'll need a taxi.

    A special hotel I'd like to recommend for all walks on Paul da Serra (for which you otherwise always need a taxi or car-hire) is
    www. picodaurze. com (no spaces of course).

    Email me personally if you like more information.

    Enjoy this world's most beautiful island!


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