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Hi There,

I'm going to Madeira over Easter with my 5 year old daughter.

Can anyone suggest any easy walks suitable for a 5 year old? She is used to walking for about 1Hr (3-4 Miles) along cliff paths.

Also any suggestions on any other things to do? Will the lido be too cold to swim at?

I haven't booked any accomadation tet and we are vegetarians so all ideas/ suggestions on places to stay/eat gratefully received!!!!




  • I hope you get more reactions (I know a lot about hiking on Madeira but I'm not the only one of course), but I can tell you a little.

    Most of the levada-walks should be safe.
    I have often seen children of such age walking there beside their parents.
    There are a few guidebooks available and these usually mention if there's any danger or not.
    In a recent posting of mine on the main Madeira Bulletin Board you will find suggestions for the best walks. These may be too long for a child but that you will know better than me.
    These walks can always be shortened. They are not dangerous. The popular walk from Pico do Arieiro to Pico Ruivo is a tough one but I have seen children do that too, otherwise you can stick to the many flat levada-walks.
    One easy one near Funchal is the one that runs to the west, starting just above the football stadium.

    Accomodation can be found on, where under hotels you find different kinds of accomodation.

    There is only one vegetarian restaurant in Funchal, Biologos (health food shop plus restaurant),
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