Weather in June

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We would like to visit Madeira for the walking, but I've read that the "Capete" clouds obscure the views a lot in June. Does anyone know if this is a bad month to go?


  • I wouldn't worry too much about the weather in June. Coincidentally I was there once in June and the weather was not ideal each day but having checked the weather statistics for Funchal for the past 2 years I see they had 3 days of some rain in both years in that month and no different visibility than in July or August and an average temperature of 24 degrees and when it is cloudy chances are high that you'd find sunshine above the clouds at Paul da Serra or the high peaks, as happened to me a few times and heard of others who had that in June months.
    On Madeira you never can tell. I've had many days of perfect weather in winter months and worse days than that in summer months.
    If you go there for hiking you will find a good place to hike at any day you're there.
    Last winter I had one bad day of a lot of rain and then it turned out that hiking the levada of the Janela river near Porto Moniz was nicer than usual just because of the rain (creating more waterfalls)!
    But in general the mornings see the best weather so a very early start is always recommendable.
    So often I saw great views disappear in the afternoon.
    Good luck,
    Ton van der Velden
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