Madeira in 4 days??

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We are two spanish (rare in Madeira...I guess!!)unfortunately visiting Madeira just for 4 days on next week!! What do you reccomend us to do?? We are renting a car and would like to combine trekking with some town visiting and also one beach day in Porto Santo!!! Do you think we are some kind of crazy people?? Is there any nice and enchantable hotel in Porto Santo?? What levadas do you reccomend us (no more than two please!!) ?? We think a good choice is to reach the most higher peak in the island...are we right??

All the best to all mountains lovers!!!


  • Hi Pablo,
    You will indeed find that 4 days on Madeira is nothing, but still you can visit the whole island in those days, but I wouldn't go to Porto Santo if you only have 4 days.
    Madeira has just one small beach (Prainha, between Canical and Ponta de Sao Lourenco) but you could visit that in combination with a hike in that area.
    If you have a car my suggestion is dependable
    on the weather. If it's bright and sunny then go to Pico do Arieiro for the walk to Pico Ruivo.
    You'd have to come back but there are two ways there. Just after the first of a few tunnels,
    there's a way to the right trough more tunnels and a way upwards straight on that leads to Pico dos Torres. I would take that on the way up and coming back from Pico Ruivo taking the shorter route through the tunnels.

    Then you have to make a levada walk too and my best recommendation, because you'll see a quite different part of the island is to go to the high plateau Paul da Serra in the west and either walk all the levadas of Rabacal or go further towards Porto Moniz and walk from the signpost Galhano down to the Levada of the Janela river, then through many tunnels to Santa
    or Porto Moniz, taking a taxi back to your car.
    This is my favourite levada walk (the wildest one) and the 850 meter descend is easy, except for a steep tricky last bit, but no problem if you're careful and have a walking stick.

    Other recommendations you find on this Forum when clicking on Search in the white top bar and looking for walks or levadas (my recommendations for a week of hiking).

    You'll need a good guidebook and the one you will find here at (the Sunflower book) is the best, IMHO.
    It has also car routes.

    Write me if you like.

    Good luck,
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