Im 12 and ive never been on a plane!!

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Hello, im 12 years old. I live in Australia, but im Portuguese. In 20 days me and my family are going to to Europe. I will meet some of my 'other' cousins, auntys and uncle for the first time!!! I have 14 more cousins in Perth (Australia). What are planes like?? Are they more scary than they are fun?? Im a bit nervous!!!


  • Hi Olivia,

    Don't worry about the planes. They're built for flying even though people are not. Enjoy Europe. It's worth it.
  • Thankyou Chris, that makes me feel a bit better! How many times have you been on a plane, and what did you do to kill time? I hear there are nintendo and stuff. Is there? And are they any good?
  • If you are 12, maybe you should not be using the internet...
  • Hi Robbie, Looking at your contributions on the forum, in fact the singles section. Perhaps you should not be responding to a 12 year old.
  • Hi Olivia, I'm 19 and I've been on a plane a few times, it's ok, considering that the airport used to be much much small here in Madeira if you are coming here. Just remember there are more car accidents then plane accidents so I've heard so statisticly things should go fine, just try to relax, and you can always inform yourself with your local travel agency about what you can do... some planes don't even alow people using diskmans to listen to a CD so you dshould keep informed... If you'd like to be in contact just drop me a line at By the way I'm a 19 year old female, was born in South Africa, I came here at the age of 5, can't remember that flight, then went to the mainland so went 2x on the plane there and back then went to the UK so another 2x there and back, I spent most the time talking to the stranger next to me, lol think they must have wantted to jump out the plane of bordem wile talking to me, but don't worry no one jumped out :P
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