Searching for Faiyan

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My wife's great grandmother, Antonia Ferria Fananas was born in Faiyan, Madeira, 12 Sept, 1872. Her parents were Kolmiente Fananas, and Maria Deserre. We are searching for any records of this family, and the location of Faiyan.


  • Dear mr. Shawit's not Fayan, but Faial and it's in the northern part of the island.
    As foy your family roots, only beeing there you can figure out something...
  • Thank you for the response. We have a small map of Madeira and found Fayan. We hope to come and visit your island in 2000, but time will tell. Do you know what historical records of birth, deaths, ect. are available on the island? Are there any organizations or individuals who do geneological work on Madeira? Again thank you for your help.
  • Good morning,

    This post was many years ago but if you are still searching for Antonia Ferria Fananas. I show her in my family tree married to a Hawaiian man, John Kaili Hoopiiaina II of Salt Lake City. They have 6 children and now many descendants who live in Salt Lake City under the Hoopiiaina last name. Please feel free to email me at for further information. Happy Holidays!

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