Looking for Relatives of Jose Fernandes-Rebolo

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Jose migrated to Trinidad from Funchal, Madeira in the early 20th century.
He had two brothers residing in Caracas, Venezuela: Antonio and Martinho, (who have since died), and one brother residing in Brazil. Jose and his wife Elsa visited Madeira in the early 60's, Jose has since died, and we believe that his sister and other relatives may still be residing in Madeira. We are aware that Martinho's daughter, Orlinda got married and migrated from Venezuela and is currently living in Maderia. Any information or addresses on the Fernandes-Rebolo family would be greatly appreciated, please email information to adem@trinidad.net.
Thanking you.


  • I might have some information if you are still looking. Let me know.

  • Do they have any relatives by the name of Celestino or Arnaldo or Quintino or Elvis?
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