family roots of caldeira and ribeiro families of achada da cruz

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looking for roots and family. caldeira uncle emigrated to venezuela and other to u.s.a. in +- 1940
ribeiro side emigrated to south africa in 1948
with caldeira's


  • I don't know if this is of any consequence, but there is a family that i grew up with b the name of Caldeira that has lived in the state of Mass.,in the city of New Bedford for some 125 years. Who knows if some of them left africa and emigrated to the states, or their offspring???????
  • thanks for info.this info predates first info i have.
    which is that the first caldeira's left madeira on the s.s. vega and landed in u.s.a. on 21/05/1891 and settled in boston. they came from the fayel district.
    i have also discovered caldeira's also emigrated to brazil circa late 1880's but cant find records.
    however i have been informed that a caldeira wrote a book on the history of brazil around late 1980's to early 1990s once again thanksregardsgermano (gerry)
  • I am also looking for someone of similiar name- I dont know if there is any connection, but would appreciate any assistance if possible. The person I am looking for is MANUEL CALDEIRA BENEDITO. His last known address is C.T.T. Calheta 9370 Madeira Portugal. He is believed to have migrated to South Africa. That is the only information I have come across, & I have been looking for years.If you have made any progess, and there is a link, please contact me at you.
  • My Father, Joaquim Ribeiro and his brother, I beleive its Manuel Ribeiro, came over to South Africa in 1948/1949.
    I beleive that the other brother, Joao Ribeiro, emigrated to Venzuella or Brazil at the same time.
    Joaquim Ribeiro settled in Cape Town, and Manuel Ribeiro in Johannesburg, Germiston with his wife Zita.

    I know my father is close friends with the Caldeiras in Cape Town, but I am not sure of the first names.

    If you can give me more information, perhaps I can query this with my father and get back to you.

    You can email me on

    Manuel Ribeiro
  • Hi

    My family is Caldeira and from Achadas da Cruz.
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