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My grandfather, Venancio Gonsalves, born August 20, approximate year 1884 - 1888 in Funchal, Madeira. He had a sister Maria, they came to Cape Town, South Africa approx. early 1900s. He married a Helena Abrahams in Cape Town. His sister went to Lourenco Marques, also married a Abrahams. He lived in Cape Town for the rest of his life. Does anyone in Funchal know of the whereabouts of his family. My father Abel Gonsalves, was one of his sons. I don't speak Portugese so would appreciate response in English.
Thank you - Obrigado! Brenda Vawda, Vancouver, Canada.


  • Well Brenda you must have received my e mail by now,and it must seem totally out context to what you expected, but thats o.k., as it will all clear it self up in a day or so. Sorry for the confusion.
  • Thank you for responding. I have contacted relatives in Cape Town, South Africa for some information that may lead me to proper birth dates, etc. of my grandfather Venancio Gonsalves, in the hope that I may track down his family.
    When I have more information I will present this to you either on the message board or via e-mail. Obrigado!
  • Brenda, i would like to ask you if i have located two people in madeira with exactly the same name as your grandfather, would it be to much to assume that one of these two people, or both could be related directly to you? I think there is a mighty good shot that this may well be the case. If you agree, then e mail me asap, o.k. The Madeira Connection, Ricardo C. Nobrega
  • Brenda this post was only to correct the grammer.
  • Ricardo - Thanks for responding. If you have two people with the same name - one of them might very well be my grandfather's family. What are their dates of birth??? My grandfather's birthdate would have been around August 20, 1888. I am trying to get more info from family in Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Brenda by the time you read this post, you should have received the important data that i have e mailed to you, and good luck, please keep us posted, as we like to keep records of our success so that others may be encouraged to look for their roots. Chao
  • Dear Ricardo,

    I am Brenda Vawda's niece (her sister Berenice's daughter) and am wondering if there has been any more news on your search for my great grandfather's family?
    Looking forward to hearing if there have been any developments.
    Kind regards,
    Samantha-Jane Norris (Sydney, Australia)
  • Hi Ricardo
    Just to let you know that I did not receive the important data that you mentioned - it has not shown up in any e-mails to me. Would you mind very much sending that data to me again.
    Thank you so much,
    Brenda (Vancouver) b.C.
  • Hi there
    How did you go about finding this website? Just curious?
  • I am sorry to use this website for other means, but I am also looking for someone, a dear childhood friend of mine, Samantha-Jane Norris. I came to Sydney, Australia 2 years ago and have been looking for her ever since. We lost contact when I was living in Greece.
    We went to Springfield Convent together in Cape Town, South Africa. I know she is of Portuguese decent as am I. I have plenty of family in Portugal who may be able to assist you in your search for your roots. If you could send Samantha my e-mail, I could definitely ask my aunt to look up any information on family trees she can.
    Thank you so much. Your website is Godsent. I thought I had lost my best friend forever.
    Rosinda-Maria Alves
    Sydney, Australia
  • Hi Rosinda,
    This is Samantha's aunt Brenda (living in Vancouver, Canda). Her e-mail address is esjay74@hotmail.com.

    I am not sure how Samantha find this website as it is I who have been researching my grandfather/grandmother's backgrounds for many years. I have another source and there are just far too many Venancio Gonsalves's in Madeira. I have received some important information which I will continue to pursue.

    Samantha is living with her husband of last year (Colin Odbert) in Sydney, Australia.

    Good luck
    Brenda Vawda
    Vancouver, Canada
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