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I need help with the first steps in finding my Gouveia side of the family. My grandfather (Manuel Gonsalves Gouveia) was born somewhere around the 1880's and lived in Faja Da Ovelha till 1900 or so. At that time he moved to the states where he worked until he returned to Madeira around 1934. He died there at a unknown year. He had two sons Manuel Gonsalves Gouveia (born about 1902) and Tony Gonsalves Gouveia (My Dad) born 1916. He married Anastacia Correia around 1898 or so. How do I get started with this sketchy information. Thanks Larry (Born in San Jose Ca. U.S. Sept. 26 1951) HELP HELP HELP


  • Hi Lawrence,I was wondering if you know anything about "Carmen Rodrigues Gouveia"? My father-in-law is searching for his mother's birth certificate but has no idea what village she was born in, thus he cannot obtain the document. I thought maybe, since Gouveia is part of your name, you may have heard of her? Thank you...Linda Caires
  • No, I am sorry I donot know of her. Larry
  • Hello,

    I can tell you that my grandfather Joao de Gouveia is still alive. I recall years ago while living with him talking of some family in Faja de Ovelha
  • hi i also have the surname gouveia do u no a horacio bento de gouveia
  • Yes Horacio. I knew Horacio Bento de Gouveia, I lost contact many years ago. He was living in Funchal with his mother Maria Amelia Bento de Gouveia, does anyone know her.

    Regards Tracy
  • I'm searching for any information/links for Capitolina Agrella daughter of Manuel and Isabelle (nee Gouveia) Agrella. Capitolina was born in Funchal in 1897, emigrated to New Bedford, MA in 1917. She married Joao Teixeira in New Bedford. I found her parents' names (Manuel Agrella and Isabelle Gouveia) in her obituary.

  • Hello.

    My name is Jim Gouveia and I am Larry Gouveia's younger brother, son of Antonia Gonsalves Gouveia and Carmen Pauline Baptista. We were born in San Jose California and lived out our childhood in Santa Clara, California. My paternal Uncle Manuel Gansalves Gouveia lived and died in New Bedford, Mass. We never met him or his children and was wondering if anyone knows where they may be. My paternal grandparents had property in Faja Da Ovelha but we believe that the state took it over. Any information would be great or just a chat of how such rich history gets lost.


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