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Trying to trace my Pestana/Pestano roots back to Madeira.My grandfather, Francisco Pestano married Guilhermena De Abreu in Demerara, British Guiana.Francisco's father (my great grandfather) was Antonio Pestano married to Maria de Nobriga. (This was the generation that came to British Guiana in the 1800s from Madeira.)Antonio's father (my great great grandfather) was Joseph Pestano married to Maria de Jesus.Anyone with any connections similar to the above please contact me. We just might be related!


  • My grandfather immigrated from Sao Vicente in 1884 with his wife Maria Justana Moniz and 3 sons. The were in Hawaii for several years and had 3 more children there, my father Joseph John and his 2 sisters Teresa & Mary. Another son Jackson was born in San Leandro, Calif. where they eventually immigrated to. My great grandfather was Antonio Pestana and wife Isable Maria (unknown maiden name). My sister and I made a trip to Madeira in Sept. but were unable to access the parish records from Sao Vicente that were kept in Funchal at the Bishops Office. Maybe we have a connection.
  • My greatgrandfather was Antonio Pestana married to Isabel Maria, my grandfather Alexandre Pestana & wife Maria Justana Moniz immigrated to Hawaii (Sandwich Island) in 1884 with three children Manuel, Antonio, Francisco and had 3 more children there my father Joseph John, & sisters Teresa & Mary. Another son Jackson was born in San Leandro, Calif where they eventually settled. We may have a connection.
  • What we do know is that our Madeira ancestors sailed from Madeira to Demerara. Hawaii was not involved as far as we know.For your information, Antonio's other children were Abel, George, Jack, Bella, Augustus, Helen and Thomas. As mentioned previously, Francisco is my grandfather and he and Helen were actually twins.I shall keep your information on file in case, further down the line, other information comes about that might change this scenario.Margaret Fernandes
  • My grandmother was DeJesus from Portugal (Madeira Island) Grandfather was Manuel D'acensao from same.
  • Hi Margaret,
    I was just out to visit my cousin in Castro Valley and she has researched our family tree to the 1400's My Grandmothers name was Helen Pestana Tello and she married Thomas Tello They were born on the island of Porto Santo, Portugal.
    We are also related to the Cabralles of Porto Santo. I think most of our decendents that grew up there are related one way or another.
    Its been exciting to see and hear about so many wonderful people.
    Write to me sometime, I would love to hear about how your search is going and we will share with you also.
    I look forward to hearing from you sometime.
    Robin Tello/Tellis Pehle
    they changed the last name when they immigrated to America
    There is telo, tello, telles and tellis in our family tree.
    Most of the grandfathers were named joao (john) and the wives were mary mostly.
  • The following paragraph was from an email i rececived from my aunt if you are related to Andy Pestana let me know.

    Andy Pestana, a friend of your dads and Uncle Joe has a copy of a report of the ship they all came over on. Will send u that stuff too. The boat was called the Kumeric Andy said his folks came over on the same ship.

    I'm the great grandson of Feliciano Fernandes who immigrated to Hawwaii the kumeric my website
  • Hi Steve,
    My grandparents and their children all sailed from Hawaii on the ship too!
    My grandmother was Helen Pestana de Brito! we certainly could be related to Andy Pestana! I have a cousin in Portugal named Gilberta Pestana!
    Cool that there is the same family history for your family! we could be related!
    how cool to see your message today!
    my Father was a Telo/Tellis they changed their last name!
    Grandma kept the Pestana de Brito though! very progressive for her!
    my email address is
    I hope to hear more about your family!
    Take care
    Robin Tellis Pehle
  • My Name is Peter Sylvester Albinus Pestano my Granfather Is Pedro Pestano From Guyana I dont know much of my family due to my parents seperation but my granfather always gave effort in reaching out to me, Today i received news that he has passed so now i am on a missin to find those relatives out there that go beyond his children.
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