Gonsalves-Gouveia from Faja Da Ovelha

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My grandfather's name was (Manuel Gouveia Gonsalves) he was
from Faja Da Ovelha, Madeira born around 1875 to 1880.
He came to America and settled in Taunton, Massachusetts from
Madeira around 1900, he got married out here and had 7 children.
All I know is that his father's name was Domingo Gonsalves, and
he had a brother named Domingo Gonsalves.
Some one had told us that Domingo the son might of settled in
California and been in the cattle business.
All of our family goes by the name (Gouveia Gonsalves) except
my father he goes by the name (Gonsalves Gouveia).At least that is what
ended up on his birth certif., So that is how my name is Gouveia
I would assume that Gouveia was my Grandfather's mother's maiden
name.For years we have been trying to research genealogy on the
Gouveia,Gonsalves side of the family
and have not found anything, so maybe we can share some information.


  • My grandmother's name was Rosalie Gonsalves.She was born in Madeira family members left there around 1875 when she was about 7 years. They stopped off in the island of St Vincent. Her father was a farmer and bought lands and rear cattle. She grandmother's maiden name was Gouveia and her mother's was Cabral.
    I will be going to Madeira in the summer hopefully I will be able to find someone. Who Knows we might be from the same family tree. My cousin Ralph Gonsalves is Prime Minister of my country -St.Vincent & the Grenadines. He is trying to get his country to have diplomatics ties with portugal and Madeira
  • John,
    Not sure how this works but my uncle was Manuel Gonsalves Gouveia and he landed in New Bedford Mass but he only had my father as a sibling and my father ended in San Jose California and my uncle never left New Bedford. But they are from the same village and I know it was tiny as my father told me many times. My grandparents with my father returned to Maderia Faja Da Ovelha but then my father emigrated back to the States and to California at 14 because he was a citizen. Wonder if there is any connection? JIm Gouveia Corvallis Oregon jimgouveia80@msn.com
  • John,
    I can't imagine that there are not some connections. My father did not share very much information and so we have little to go on as well. Some of my siblings went to Faja Da Ovelha and could find nothing and no one knew of our family. They could not even find my grandparents gravestones. I feel sad that so much history just vanished. It would be interesting to exchange photos to see if there is a family resemblance. My father had eight children the five boys are tall with square chins and the women are short. Any rate if I find anything I will let you know and I hope you will do the same. How old are you? Jim
  • I guess the only place they will still have record of birth of you relatives will be the local camera (municipality) or in Funchal the capital. It's very upsetting when they remove the remains at the cemmetery after 10yrs and place someone else in. I understand the Island is small but since most families have lots of members perhaps keeping the family tree together wouldn't be bad idea.
  • I didn't know that they remove people and replaced them with someone else??? That does make sense due to space restraints but I agree some family tree records would be nice. Thanks for the response.

    Jim Gouveia
  • Aloha from Hawaii Jim
    My mother's family is Freitas e Abreu. I wanted to see Headstones of my Ancestors in Estreito de Camara de Lobos, but when I got there my cousin said the graves are rotated every 5 years. I was heartbroken not to see them.

    As for your family search, try looking up your family name, in the web site of "Arquivo Regional da Madeira" This might help you. Good luck in your search.
    Aloha Kimokeo
  • Thank you for that information. And the resource for information I will definitely use the webpage. Thanks again and Aloha from Oregon.

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