Serrao/Nunes Ancestors

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Looking for info regarding my ancestors and possible relatives. My grandfather Antone Francisco Serrao (born 4/7/1900) immigrated from Madeira Island at the age of 18-20 to the US. His parents were Manuel Francisco and Maria.

My grandmother Maria Nunes (born 10/31/1904) immigrated from Madeira Island at the age of 3 with her parents Jose (born 3/1/1879) and Maria (born 4/5/1881) to Hawaii in 1907 on the SS Kuneric.


  • hi there , i quess we are not from the same family and it was just very interesting to see your ad in the site did u know that nunes is actually an english surname
  • No, I had no idea that Nunes was an English surname. Thanks for sharing that information. My greatgrandparents on the Nunes side were first cousins and both from Madeira. I hear that was a common practice in those days.
  • Hi Rosalie,

    My grandmother's name is Concetta Serrao. Her family mainly orginiates in the south of Italy, Calabria. Although, I have managed to contact a reltive which has researched very far back to the 1100's and has traced our Serrao roots to Portugal where they immigrated to Italy. Hence, all Serrao's are of Portuguese origin, even the Italian ones.

    Do you know of any good sites that have Portuguese history, espeacially around the time of 1100's?

    Adam Arginovski
  • I am trying to find out my family's history. All I know is that my grandfather's name was Oscar Nunes and he was from Madeira. I'm not sure if it was his parents or him who came to America. Anyone who has any info it would be appreciated. Thank you!
  • Hello Adam and Rosalie...these messages are from 2001/2 and so I am not sure if you are still active on this site. My name is Francesco Serrao, born in Italy and immigrated to Canada in 59. I now live in Cleveland Ohio. My father, Tommaso,was born in Calabria, one of 5 children and his father, Francesco Antonio Serrao had 6 siblings one who was called Concetta Serrao. Any chance we can discuss connections as I am trying to organize the family tree and have more lineage to add to the above. Thank you...FS
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