Ricardo Santo.

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I am looking for Ricardo Santo, his birthday is on 23/03 and i think he is 33 or 34 now.

met him in '88 when he was working in Matur Holiday Club near Machico. His mother still lives in Machico, address Sito da Pontinha. Ricardo has also worked in the casino in Funchal and went to The mainland to work at Club Praia da Oura. We have had contact for almost 9 years, but both went our own way. Just want to know how he is doing, if he (like me) got married and has any kids (i have a 4 year old son).
Please if anybody knows him, reply to this topic.


Cindy from the Netherlands.


  • I'm still looking for him, please if anybody knows him... let me know. I just want to know how he is doing. Haven't talked to him for 5 years after a close contact of 9 years. Please respond to this message if you know him.

  • Hey Cindy,

    still looking for that man?

    I'm sorry for you, my dear!

    The only thing I know by now is he has two kids with two different women (one is ME). He doesn't give a fu**ing **** how my son is, but this shouldn't bother you.
    Fact is: he left Munich in November 2001 - we lived together from 1998 til 2001. Until summer 2003 he lived in London I guess

    the last time I talked to him was in August 2003!
    He said he's thinking of going back to Germany.

    Hope I could help you - at least to reconceive your search!

    And if it happened already you have found him: be tough, he's one of the most difficult man to handle.

    Best wishes

  • He's got 4 children from 4 different women. One from his poor wife. (She's an invalid now thanks to him and to that b**ch.)
    They were happy until that sl*t got in his way and got pregnant of him and destroyed their marriage.
    We lived together for a while.
    He's now in France.
    You took him away from his familly and his country. You made a puppet out of him.
    You didn't loved him, you didn't take good care of him. You treated him like garbage.
    You never cared for what you did to his wife and son. You forced him to leave his wife, his familly and their business.
    All you cared about was you and now you talk about him like that?!
    How dare you stupid selfish woman?
    You never thought about what you did to his older son!
    You never cared when you took that father away from his child, a poor child newly born, never knew his father cause you were f***ing around with his father when the mother was pregnant.
    So stop sobbing.
    You got what you asked for.
    Act like a woman for once in your life.

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