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hello, looking for the E Mail address of ANTONIO JARIMBA formally lived in Mexico, was suppose to move to Maderia, and i suspect is living there now, have tried to contact him at his old e mail address, but to no avale. if you should know of this person, please have him contact me. Thanks so much for any assistance you can give. Ricardo


  • Hello Richard, here is my e-mail : ajarimba@hotmail.com
  • Have e mailed you since i last spoke to you by phone, but no relpy, i believe you do not hav eht means to respond, but if you can please drop me a line, would like you to check on some one while in Madeira. Thanks Loads, Ricardo
  • Hello Antonio I know it has been two years since you last placed a message on this forum, I am interested in finding out about the Jarimba family who are from my father's side of the family. My name is Susana and my family are from Madeira. Are you in Madeira yourself?

    Kind regards

  • Eu tb sou um jarimba o meu avó era da Madeira,chamava-se Francisco Nunes Jarimba, e casou em São Miguel.A minha mãe chama-se Maria da Conceição Nunes Jarimba.
  • Ola Susana,

    Es familia dos Jarimbas? Es filha de quem?

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