figueira family

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im looking for any members of the figueira family...
my grandad was alvaro sabino figueira
if you are related in any way contact me..


  • Aloha from Hawaii,
    I have very little information on the Figueira name in search of my Abreu de Freitas family history.
    My great grandmother married my great grandfather on the 07 February 1875. Her name was Maria Figueira de Chaves. She was 30 years old. Making her born about 1855. She married Agostinho de Abreu de Freitas. Her parents were Serviano Figueira de Chaves, and Maria Luisa Marques. Her parents lived in Porto da Cruz. One of the witnesses was Jose Pinto Figueira. Jose's wife was Antonia de Freitas who died by 1875. Jose is the father of my great great grandmother. I also have a Antonio Pinto Figueira who witnessed a marriage in 1879. He is also the God Parent along with Maria Candida de Freitas , of my great grandfather Agostinho de Abreu de Freitas. Most of this happened in parish of Nossa Senhora da Graca, in the town of Estreito de Camara de Lobos.
    I got this information from the Arquivo Regional da Madeira.
    Aloha, Tim
  • I have tried to locate relatives mainly the origin of the family name Olim, my Father was born in Machico Rebeira Seca, and discover that many under the Name Olim left Machico to the Island to Hawaii in the 18 hundreds, I guess we are nown to be travelers, but from Madeira to Hawaii in the 18's by boat was a long long trip.

  • My Great Grandfather's name was Jose Joaquim Figueira and he was married to Silvina Augusta Figueira. They were from either Funchal or Camara de lobos? I think they had 16 children. My Grandfather's name was Jose Joaquim Figueira, born April 6, 1892 and my Grandmother's name was Cecilia Santos Figueira, born March 26, 1904.
  • i don't have the complet name of my grandfather but it was joaquim figueira...should be the family "figueira de chaves"..i'm still searchin for some more info ..if anyone knows a little more about that family let me know..
  • Hello,

    My parents were born on the island of Madeira. My father (Francisco Pinto Figueira) was born in Estreito de Camara de Lobos. My mother (Angelina Cunha) was born in Camara de Lobos.

    My dad was born in 1915, my mom was born in 1918.

    My dad had 8 brothers and sisters. Among them were Jose, Luiz, Mercedes, Cecelia and I can't remember the rest.

    I've been to Madeira 3 times and can't wait to go back. It's breathtaking.

    My dad came to New Bedford, Massachusetts in 1944 and we've been living here ever since.

    Hope this helps you out......
  • Aloha,
    I'm new to this forum and did a search for the surname "Cunha"...I noticed that your Mother's maiden name was Cunha. My grandfather's name was Frank John Cunha and he was born and lived in Madeira, Portugal until he left for the United States in the early 1900s...he left Madeira with a couple of brothers but left his other siblings (twin sisters) behind. He and his brothers eventually made it to Hawaii where they lived and raised their families. Unfortunately, my Grandfather never spoke about his family so I really don't have a lot of information on them...I do have my Grandfather's birth date if needed. I am researching my Grandfather's family tree (to be incorporated with my father's family tree) and hopefully will be able to reach and maybe some day meet my family in Madeira. If you don't mind can you email me at Who knows, we might be related.
    Mahalo and Aloha,
    Rena Kunipo
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