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My father was born on Madeira his birthdate was 03/11/1930. his name was Joseph F Rodrigues. Shortly after his birth they immagrated to the USA and settled in Stoughton Mass.
I dont know much about the family . My aunt said my grand father was known by the name Bahia(i think) and my grand mothers madien name was Mary Perry. Sorry I dont have much info. I would like to put some more branches on my fathers side of the family tree.

Obrigato !!!!!!!!!
Sean Robert Rodrigues


  • I have found the lusa web website to be very helpful in tracing my family history. My fathers family is from Madeira as well. The emmigrated to the Hawaiian islands and then to California. You may be able to find the names of the ships that left for the area where your family ended up and some helpful dates.

  • I am also from Stoughton MA. I know alot of Portuguese people around here. As a mater of fact my grandfather was had also imigrated to USA in the mid 20's. I found some information from my grandfather at the Archdiosas in Boston. Good look. I will ask around for you.
  • Okay,i don't have any names as such except for one and that is Adelaide rodriques.I'm from New Zealand and know there is a link with the Rodriques family in the MAdiera ISlands,but not sure how.They came to New Zealand back in the ealy 1840s,and came to Canterbury,there is a hotel in a little french settlement of Akaroa that is called the Madiera hotel which is named after their home island.They are related to me through the Rhodes family.I have a photo of Adelaide Rodriques who died in childbirth.Does anyone know how they are linked back and to whom in the Madiera Islands?
  • My GGG Grandmother was Adelaide Virgina Rodrigues, Maiden name was Goveia, lots of different variations) from Funchal Maderia Island.
    We have found her dress, in Auckland Museum NZ
    Never seen a photo of her, only the offspring.
  • Cont) Adelaide Virgina Rodrigues married Antonio Rodrigues in Funcal Maderia Island
    Worked for a family ? Captain Peacock. Eventually made their way to New Zealand Akaora.
    Started up Maderia Hotel NZ.
    Currently researching history back in M Island
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