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I am the great-granddaughter of Joseph and Maria Vieira who immigrated to the USA in about 1910. I don't know which town they were from on Madeira. They settled in Oakland, California.

They had at least 2 children, John David Viera (note name change) and his sister. John came back to Madeira for a while when he was 8 years old wjhich would have been around 1920. He then returned to Springfield, Illinois and lived out his life there. This is very close to Jacksonville, Illinois where many Portuguese settled.

If you have any information that might be helpful, I would greatly appreciate it. I will be on Madeira from Nov. 27-Dec.2, 2003.

Thank you!
Claudia Viera


  • Hello, Hola,
    I sent to you an email. My family of vieiras were from Azores , Hawaii, possible Madeira. Immigrated to San Francisco, california, usa. Neighbor of Oakland , California.
    May be we are related. Very Curious . I am grandaughter of Joseph Maria.
    write to me and lets compare information. Thank you, OBRIGADO, Robin.
  • My parents were John Nunes Vieira and Maria Bella Vieira (deceased) they were born in St Rock, Madeira Island and migrated to Port-of-Spain, Trinidad in approx. 1924 to 1928.

    My mother's maiden name was Ferreira, of which 3 of her brothers also relocated to Trinidad (Manuel, John and Francis Ferreira.

    I am trying to locate any of my relatives on my father or mother's side, could be in St Rock or somewhere in Madeira Island.

    Please contact me.
    Thank you,
    Helena Vieira

  • Vieira-Vierra On December 4, 1909, the S.S. Swanley, chartered by A.J. Campbell, arrived in Honolulu, Hawaii. On the ship were Antonio Vieira, age 26 (born 7/9/83 died 7/1/41), Julia Vieira, age 23 (born 1/19/87 died 4/20/65) and Antonio Jr., age 6 months (born 4/1/09 died 5/30/42). (Antonio Jr. came down with polio at 9 months.) The Swanley had left Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel, the Azores on October 18, 1909 with 758 people. From there it steamed into Funchal, Madeira and left with another 111 people. The Vieiras were among the 869 people on the ship as it left Funchal on October 26. The Swanley landed in Honoluluon December 4 with 337 men, 221 women and 310 children. Total was 868 people. We believe the Vieiras were from Gaula near Santa Cruz, Madeira and that Julia’s maiden name was Fereira. They left their daughter Maria (born 6/23/03 died 7/7/85) with Julia’s sister, Justine Correia. Maria later came to California and married Sylvester Goies.
    The 1910 Census of Hawaii (9026) showed Antone and Julia Vierra and son Antone living in Kahuku, Oahu. A Record of Birth #2054, in the County of Maui, Camp 10, Pu’unene, shows a male, Francisco Vieira was born on April 23, 1915. The parents were Antonio Vierra, age 36 and Julia Vierra, age 27. He was a laborer and she a housewife. The Record of Birth states that Francisco is their 3rd child. No record of another child birth can be found. Could this 3rd child have been Julia, or did they know Maria was still in Madeira? Probably Julia. (See later 1920 census.) Francisco must have died, although no records have been found. His God-parents were Antone Fernandez and Julia Rodrigues. On March 27, 1917, the Wilhemina sailed into San Francisco. On the ship were listed Antone (age 33), Julia (age 30) and Antone (age 7 yrs.) Vierra. They were to live in San Jose. George Vierra was born in the Bay Area on September 24, 1917 (died 2/19/91). The 1920 Census shows the Vierra family lived at 1274 Alviso, Santa Clara, CA.
    The Vierra family included:
    Name (age) Family Member Birthplace Citizenship
    Tony (37) H Portugal Al
    Julia (35) W Portugal Al
    Tony (10) S Portugal N.R.
    Julia (8) D Hawaiian Is. N.R.
    George (2-1/2) S California N.R.
    We have no Record of Birth nor ship record of landing in San Francisco, for their second oldest daughter, Julia Vierra (born 1/21/13 died 1983) She married Frank Gardin.
  • Hi!!
    How can i help you?
  • I am reachearing information on


    who migrated by ship to Trinidad and Tobago from MAdrid Portugal in the late Nineteenth Century or early Twentieth Century.

    One of their siblings is Carmelita Concepcion Gonzales and another sister went to live in Long Island, NY. I was told that one other sibling (girl) died in Trinidad.

    Any information on this family will be most welcomed.

  • My grandparents were Frank D. Viera and Mary Madeline Machado. My grandfather had 2 brothers, John and Manuel and 2 sisters, Mary and laura. Manuel's family grew up in the Antioch area and John's went to oakland area. I need information on the sisters. I don't know who they married to start the research. Their parents were Joao(John) D. Vieira amd maria Rita.In the Azores the last name was spelled Vieira. All were from the Azores. The island of Pico.My grandfather was born on December 1, 1857. Have a picture of My grandparents and their parents.Any help would be appreciated.
  • I'm so happy to have found this site. My great grand parents ( Manuel and Jesse (Jacinta) Vierra (Vieira) came to the US through San Francisco in the late 1800's from the Azores. My grandfather Frances Ramon Vierra was born in 1893 in San Francisco and was the first born in the US. My father Raymond Frances Vierra was born in 1922. I am looking for any info on what island my family is from or other relatives here. I didn't realize that so many Vierira's came from the Madeira's.

    Claudia Vierra Allen
  • Are Helena, who worked for Occidental Petroleumm in the late 60s?

  • I am searching for my relatives in Madeira, Viera or Pita. My grandparents eventually lived in East Cambrige, Massachusetts and spent time in the 1920's in Hancock, ME. I also believe I had a Viera uncle in Gloucester. Any information would be appreciated.
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