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Does anybody know much about Portuguese immigrants in Guyana? My grandfather was born in Guyana, and he is of Portuguese background. His surname is Leca. Does anybody know of any Lecas that immigrated to Guyana from Portugal?


  • Drop me a line, i may have an idea od where they may be some reference to possbile your grandfather, or great grand father on Guyana.

    Thank you for your time.
  • Please drop me an e mail, i may have an idea that may help you.
  • I may be related to you! My name is Nalesha Leca. My Father is Carl Leca and he is a Guyanese of Portuguese decent. I don't know my Grandfather's name, but I can find that out for you. You can contact me at if you would like to discuss this further. Thanks.

  • Please forgive the intrusion but I recently came across your name on a Portugese website and am wondering if someone can provide me with some assistance. I am researching my family genealogy in Guyana and my grandfather was John De La Para and was the first Chairman of the County of Christianburg which was established in 1926. I am hoping that someone may be able to provide me any information concerning the De La Para name/family as I am very interesting in researching my Portugese heritage and understand that my great grandfather and his family were in fact of Portugese descent and could have come from the Island of Madeira. Thank-you for your time and I eagerly await any advice or suggestions.


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  • My grandfather was also born in Guyana - Demerara about 1900. His mother was Portuguese and her name was Pereira - female names in the family: Estella, Gladys, Elvira, Valeria. His father, like him, was a Henry Johnson and from Saba, NA. My grandfather ended up in Bermuda. His brothers or half-brothers were Alfred, Percy who lived in Jamaica, a sister Gladys in Brooklyn NY. Are there any Pereiras left in Guyana? I have heard they were from Madeira originally. Is Pereira a common Madeira name? The immigration of 1834 would fit in with my history - grandfather's mother probably also born in Guyana. Feel free to discuss.

    John Irving
  • I am of portuguese origin from Guyana. There are quite a few people with the name Pereira from Guyana. The ones that I know of currentlty live in Canada and the UK.
  • Are there any Guyanese left in Guyana?
  • The population is declining it is less than 750 thousand there are less than a thousand portuguese.
  • My grandfathers name was Jose Alvaro Ferreira de Nobrega. He married Augusta Guilhermina D'Ornellas. Afterwards they went to Guyana (then British Guyana) with 3 of his brothers and set up a successful export/import business. Among the family names that we are sure of was - Alex D'Ornellas, Emily Jennings (nee Nobrega) Ernestine, Ismay Dorothy and another Alvaro. One brother went to Trinidad to live but I am now anxious to discover what relatives are left in Guyana today from this family. The De was removed from the family name after arriving in Guyana. If any of this rings a bell with anyone please drop me a line on-
  • Hey does anyone have any connection to a MR.CArl Leca from guyana..he is of portuguese decent and have a sister named ElaiNe who lives in canada..i think her last name is Defraitas but I am not sure.
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