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I am looking for any members of the Perestrelo family.


  • Hi,

    I am from the Perestrelo background family. My orgin is from Madeira - Machico and i live in Jersey at the present.

    I would like to know the background of my family surmane. Can you help.


    Luis PerestreloGrace wrote:

    > I am looking for any members of the Perestrelo family.
  • My mother (Grace) was born and raised there, her father was Jose Perestrelo, and owned an autobody shop. His father (don't know his name, I'll find out) was also a great fire fighter - we're trying to people from the Perestrelo family because it's quite a big family.
  • Meu nome :My name : Carlos Guilherme Estêvão Pereira
    subject: Jorge Perestrelo ;
    Motivo 1975 : saída de Angola,via Sá da Bandeira, Roçadas, Namibia,
    Grootfontain, Otchivarongo,Windok, Pretória, Jhoanesburg,Cullinan,Rio de Janeiro ( Brasil )
    Causa : Fui companheiro do Jorge Perestrelo desde a saída do Lobito até a vinda p/ o Brasil, só eu e ele, ninguem mais dos que foram p/Africa do Sul, vieram p/Rio de Janeiro, em 1977, retornou a Portugal, após seu pai ter ido ao Rio de Janeiro, estivemos juntos os três e nos despedimos até a presente data, gostaria que alguem da familia entrasse en contacto comigo, pois foi muito doloroso saber de sua partida definitiva, sem pelo menos o poder abraçar de novo.
    aguardo qualquer noticia de alguem da familia, me recordo que um primo do Jorge que atravessou a fronteira comigo d/ Angola p/Namibia, mas não me recordo o primeiro nome dele apesar de ter Perestrelo no seu nome.
    Carlos G E Pereira
  • Hi there, I came across this interesting bulletin. I am also a member of one of the many Perestrelo's from Funchul, Madeira (my mother to be exact). My parents emigrated to Canada with my sister and brother in the 1960's. To the person who was asking about the origin of this name, my understanding is that it has Italian roots. I hope this helps!
  • The most famous Pesterello married Christopher Columbus in Porto Santo ... but there was a Pesterello who had the franchise for the phtographic business in Maderia enxt to the Theatre (now a shopping centre). He did all Reids Hotel Gala Dinner photos. Hope this helps.
  • Most of descendents of perestrelo surname come from a man called bartolomeu perestrelo. His daughter married Cristavao Colombo (Christopher Columbus). Most of the Perestrelo descendents live in the town of Machico, madeira - being a very common surname for people of this town.
  • Hi, I am fatima Perestrelo daughter of Joao Perestrelo who came from Angola in 1975. His fathers name was Antonio Perestrelo. He lives in Namibia, Oshakati and he is 73 years old. He had 2 sisters from the same father. One was called Yvonne and the Eldest Palmira Perestrelo but is married and living in Portugal. If you know anything about my fathers brothers or the rest of the family please let me know. My dad told me that his fathers brothers were jorge, manuel, julio. for more information please contact me. thank you.
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