de Jesus family

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I am looking for anyone from the de Jesus family, or with any information dealing relatives or family tree


  • Grandma was Maria de Jesus and grandpa was Manuel Fernandes Pedra. They lived in Arco de Calheta - Las Fallas - Florencia, Madeira. Grandma was born in Hawaii. I live in Aruba.
  • Hello Eladia, sorry we're not able for helping to find your grandparents.

    We're a married couple, living in Germany and seek reliable pal.
    We see you're from Aruba. never before we had been there.

    Please, let us begin a correspondence.

    We hope to hear from you soon.

    Regards and with the Blessing of God
    Dieter with Martina in Germany
  • Hi Grace,

    My grandfather was Teixeira de Jesus and lived in Camacha, my father was an only son, so I am also interested in finding relatives.
  • Hola ,soy hijo de Abrao Fernandez Pedra
    vivo en Venezuela estado Vargas y encontre este sitio por casualidad
    si necesitas alguna informacion hazmelo saber por el Email
    Saludos a todos
    Hasta pronto...
  • tengo hecho un arbol familiar pero esta incompleto nesesito ayuda tambien para continuarlo
    dime como te lo envio
  • Aki tienes mi e-mail. Creo que su papa es mi primo. Mi padre es José Fernandes Pedra de Aruba
  • Eladia mi papa es Abraao hermano de mi tio Jose (tu papa)
    nosotros somos primos mi papa es tu tio.
  • Hi there,

    I have only just come accross this site. I obtained some information from the archives in Madeira recently and traced my family back to
    Antonio Fernandes Pedra married to Angela de Jesus. My great gran born to them was Perpetua de Jesus, married to Jose Rodrigues Lucas, giving birth to Umbelina de Jesus. she married Manuel Rodrigues Jardim and my father Joae Marcelino Jardim. would appreciate some info if you have.

    Thank you
    Maria da Silva (Jardim)
  • Hello Grace,
    As you can see my surname is De Jesus, I live in Australia but I was born in Funchal Madeira. I have also posted on this site looking for family from Estreito de Camara de Lobos, this is where my father was born and raised along with my grandfather and my great grandfather also. I have never met or coresponded to any family member with the same surname as mine but I would dearly love to get in touch with any distant relative from my fathers side of the family. My father was one of nine children and he had I'm not sure if it was three or four older brothers who went to Brasil and Venezuela and all were married and had children, so I must have some cousins down in that part of the world.
    I wish you luck in locating the family that you hope to find.

    J.P.De Jesus.
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